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    Who is Gibbs-Brower International: We are a 104 year old company engaged in helping our customers buy and sell used machinery for paper making & converting, flexible packaging, tissue converting and paper bag & sack making. We maintain offices in Bethel, CT and a 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse and machine shop in Bristol, CT. We are a leader in our industry with a knowledgeable & experienced staff. Our market contacts are worldwide. "Integrity & Service" is our motto and our first priority. We owe our longevity to the goodwill, repeat and referral business of our valued and growing list of customers. Please ask for references.

What Services Do We Offer?

  1. Brokerage
  2. Buying
  3. Buy-Out/Site Clearance
  4. Orderly sale programs
  5. Consignment
  6. Appraisals
    1. Brokerage: As a broker, GBI acts much as a realtor; we list thousands of machines for sale in our database, advertise them and locate buyers. As an agent for the seller, we assist them with market input, the assembly of a complete and accurate machine description, advertising/marketing, negotiation and sale. We assist with paperwork, collect, clear and transmit payment in full. We earn a commission for our services. For the buyer, we help obtain machine history and technical information, obtain photographs, videotapes or other information, arrange inspection and help with the payment and removal arrangements.

    2. Buying: This service appeals to those companies and individuals who prefer not to expose themselves to the inconveniences, hassles and potentially large investment in time that brokering a machine can involve. Many companies do not want numerous strangers (or perhaps competitors) walking through their plants to inspect used machinery. Many also want to avoid the possibility of post sale problems or complications. As your buyer, GBI provides you with a sale that is accomplished professionally and quickly, with no post sale involvement, a minimum investment of your time and shipment done on your plant schedule. This allows you to avoid the significant distractions a brokerage sale can involve and focus instead on your business.

    3. Buy-Out/Site Clearance: When a seller is faced with circumstances which demand an urgent machine removal, or the clearance of an entire plant we offer a buying and

    4. Removal Service. Our on staff rigging crew are available on short notice to remove one machine to an entire plant leaving your site "broom clean". Payment terms are always the same "full payment prior to dismantling", GBI helps you accomplish your site clearance objectives, within your time frame, professionally.

    5. Orderly Sale Programs: For companies faced with selling groups of machinery perhaps due to consolidating plants and where timing allows, GBI can visit your plant and consult with you, listening to your sale objectives and priorities and then providing a plan for orderly sale designed around those objectives and priorities. We can help you assemble complete and accurate machine descriptions (the essential first step to marketing/sales success), provide a comprehensive marketing/sales plan (keeping in mind any sale restrictions you may have), and then execute the plan to a worldwide market via, trade journal advertising, e-mail, web-site, fax and special mailer to our mailing list — the largest and most accurate in the industry.

    6. Consignment: If none of the above services fit your needs exactly, our 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse allows us to offer a consignment alternative. This service is especially attractive to leasing companies and others with relatively late model machinery whose necessity is immediate floor clearance as well as maximizing return.

    7. Appraisals: GBI’s extensive and daily involvement in the industry provides us with a thorough knowledge of used values for a very broad range of machinery. This market knowledge is offered to customers through our appraisal service. Well researched and realistic appraisal values are provided to customers, leasing companies, insurance companies and other financial institutions.



    No one has been in business selling used converting machinery longer than GBI. We are a 101 year old company.

    Export only?
    Concerned about documentation and payment collection?

    No one exports more converting machinery
    each year than GBI. Let us eliminate export red tape and your collection concerns.

    Variety of machinery handled
    No U.S. dealer handles the variety of machinery that GBI does. Maximize your selling exposure in many different industries.

    Staff —
    GBI is the most knowledgeable in our industry, with over 75 years specializing in this industry. GBI has the largest sales service staff in the industry, we can respond quickly to your needs. Whether you are buying or selling, no one can put you in touch with the market faster.

    No U.S. dealer has been of continuous service to the industry longer than GBI. We owe our longevity to the repeat and referral business of our valued and growing list of customers.



    No one can get your machinery in front of more potential buyers than GBI with a mailing list of over 14,000 contacts worldwide.

    No U.S. dealer lists more converting machinery directly from sellers than GBI.

    No U.S. dealer has more foreign markets and more direct contacts in those markets than GBI.

    Overseas contacts: GBI maintains contacts with dealers and consultants in all parts of the world. A network of qualified professionals available to you.

    GBI is in constant contact with buyers and sellers to update machine listings, i.e., finding machines that are available for sale and finding customers that are looking to purchase machines immediately.

    GBI has listed as available for sale over 1,000 machines, both machines available for sale out of GBI’s warehouse and also directly from owners of machines.

    GBI consistently does 20% to 30% of it’s business with the export market. We understand the special needs of our export customers and we understand and adhere strictly to the wishes of our domestic customers, who for competitive reasons want their used machinery sold "export only".

    GBI lists machinery directly from the owners. Over 90% of the machinery that GBI advertises as available for sale come directly from the owners. This insures buyers ARE not paying unnecessary commissions.

    GBI works with other dealers outside the U.S., on international business. GBI only works with other brokers who have direct access to machinery so that there are not multiple layers of commissions to be paid on a transaction.

AS THE WORLD GETS SMALLER: GBI is able to find machinery outside of the U.S. and Canada. Because of GBI’s extensive worldwide contacts we are able to stay in contact with both end users and also reputable and reliable machinery dealers in foreign lands who keep GBI informed of used machines that are unique within their countries.



    GBI believes the "Golden Rule" should occupy the central place in our company’s business philosophy. That is, we would endeavor to treat our customers as we ourselves expect to be treated, with candor, fairness and with the goal of a business transaction executed professionally that is of mutual benefit. Nowhere in the business world is there a greater need for integrity than in the used machinery industry. Used machinery purchases can provide great opportunities (to fill urgent production demands in an economical and timely way) and can also subject a buyer to great risk (how do I know the supplier or dealer is reputable?).

    The majority of GBI’s business is on a repeat and referral basis. Our goal is to have a transaction that is good for both the buyer and the seller. It is the goal of each of GBI’s employees to make sure that the customer knows specifically what it is they are potentially purchasing. We do all that is possible to make sure that the customer has as few surprises as possible. For this reason, we urge machinery inspections and make every effort to convey accurate information. It is our purpose with every machine we sell to have a satisfied customer, one who will not hesitate to return to us for their machinery needs or refer our services to others.

    Our company’s purpose is to help buyers and sellers of used machinery achieve their goals and protect their interest, helping them to buy or sell a machine at a fair price, quickly, efficiently and professionally. A professional used machinery dealer is an essential part of today’s fast paced production world.

    Confidentiality: In an ever more competitive environment, you can trust GBI to keep your machinery purchases or sales and your plant processes strictly confidential.

    Finally, suggestion when deciding on which used machinery dealer to contact:

    Get References!
    You would not select a real estate agent or other business contractor, or buy a new machine without knowing something about the company you are about to spend money with. Check out the machinery dealer you are considering doing business with. Contact your suppliers, competitors, new machine manufacturers, trade groups and even the Better Business Bureau. Pull a D & B, TRW or other credit reports. Ask for references and check them out. Be sure you are placing your trust and investment in machinery with a company that is worthy of that trust. Any surprises you might uncover before you begin the business relationship will be much less difficult than those discovered afterwards!

For more details please phone, fax or E-Mail your request. A salesman will contact you within 24 hours.

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