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What follows is information on some machinery currently available for sale. The owners have requested that these machines receive special attention. If interested please call, fax or e-mail for further details.

If interested please call, fax or e-mail your request for further details. If you would like to e-mail your request, please go to the "requests" screen and put in the reference number of the machine (s) you would like further information on. ALL MACHINES IN THIS SECTION HAVE A REFERENCE NUMBER.

Ref. # 237300 – Weber 3 ACN variable size, specialty, sift-proof paper bag machine. (2) unwinds. 50” dia. 3-6” wide. 1.75-3.75” bottom. 8-13.85” tube length. Updated main drive. Servo drive; retrofit installed. Was making 2-ply specialty bags. Updated cold glue Cybertech pressurized glue applied to seam. Updated cold glue flexo design bottom glue pot. 10 pitch. Typical production servo driven machines, 120 bags per minute. Two register slitting sections. One cross the web differential registration flexo type spot paster for applying glue to web for lamination. Air-loaded, plasma-coated pull rolls. Servo control. Allows precise pre-print to cutoff registration. State-of-the-art digital servo controller eliminates the need for change gears.


Ref. # 237320 – Weber 5W, SOS, square bottom, variable size paper bag machine. Age 1992. Sift-proof. 4.25-8.25” wide. 2.25-5.375” bottom. 10.25-21” tube length. (2) unwinds, 50” dia. Duplex web slitting. Updated Weber spot pasting glue system. Servo driven. Air-loaded, plasma-coated draw rolls. Updated bottom glue system for applying glue to bottom. Duplex sift-proof web slitting. 10 pitch. Machine has been updated over the years. Slitting, applying seam glue, duplexing glue, applying glue to bottom of bag along with servo controls, drive. Upgrading to servo control drives. Typical operating speed 120 – 150 bags per minute.


Ref. # 237250 – Weber 5ACW, SOS, specialty, sift-proof, square-bottom variable size paper bag machine. Can make up to 3-ply bags. Age 1977. 4.75-8.25” wide. 2.875-5.375” bottom. 10.25-21” tube length. Updated & modernized to servo plasma draw rolls. Unwinds have been updated. Bottom, seam & interplay gluing updated. Slitting section updated. 40” L-5 Weber wet-bond laminator. (2) unwinds, 50” dia. Upgraded razor slitting. Duplex 2-station web slitting. Air-loaded, plasma-coated, servo driven draw rolls.  Thumbnotch. Electrically adjusted opening cylinder. Has updated flexo bottom glue pot. Servo control drives. Typical operating speed 120 – 150 bags per minute. Good mechanical condition.


Ref. # 237310 – Weber 7 ACW, SOS, square bottom, variable size, sift-proof paper bag machine. Age 1977. (2) updated unwinds. 40” L-5 Weber wet-bond lamination station. (2) updated electronic web slitting stations. (1) updated spot pasting across the web with differential control. Updated plasma-coated, air-loaded draw rolls. Updated shimless opening cylinder. Updated bottom glue applicating system. Sift-proof web slitting. 10 pitch gearing. Web end & inter-ply pasting. Upgraded servo drive draw rolls. Servo controller. 6.25-11” face width. 3-6” bottom. 14.5-30” tube length. Because of servo control, changing cutoff takes less than 1 minute. Machine in very good mechanical condition. Gearing in excellent condition. Typical operating speed 120-150 bags per minute.


Ref. # 237330 – Weber 7F, SOS, square bottom, variable size paper bag machine. Age approx. 1992. (3) Weber unwinds. 50” dia. rolls. (3) electronic web slitting stations. 2-position updated spot pasting across the web with differential control. Updated plasma-coated, air-loaded draw rolls. Shimless opening cylinder. Updated bottom glue applicating system. Sift-proof web slitting. Triplex design. 10 pitch gearing. Upgraded servo driven draw rolls. Servo. 7-12” face width. 3.5-7” bottom. 14.5-30” tube length. Because of servo control, changing cutoff takes less than 1 minute. Gearing in excellent condition.


Ref. # 241300 – Potdevin 83 variable size, SOS square bottom paper bag machine. 12 & 20 lb. bags. 36” Beasley French LD36 2-color flexographic printer. 10 pitch printer. 6 to 25 lb. bag. 11-16.37” bag length. 13.5-19.48” tube length. 6-8.375” bag width. 3.5-6” bottom. 18-30” wide paper. Very good condition. Owner spent over $15,000 on new gearing in last 5 years.


Ref. # 241670 – Potdevin 83 SOS, square bottom, variable size bag machine. 6-25 lb. 13.5-19.5” long tube. 6-8.37” wide. 3.5-6” bottom/gusset. 3-color flexographic printer. 125 BPM. 1 ply.


Ref. # 214660 – Potdevin 82 SOS, square bottom, variable size bag machine. 2-6 lb. 9.7-14.45” long tube. 3.5-6” wide. 2.37-3.8” bottom/gusset. 3-color flexographic printer. 135 BPM. 1 ply.


Ref. # 239320 – Potdevin 102 flat & gusseted, striker bar cutoff, variable size, pinch bottom paper bag machine. 1/4 – 6 lb. bags. 2.563-12” face width. 4.875-12.5” bag length. 5.65-13.51” tube length. 300 BPM. 1 ply.


Ref. # 241640 – Potdevin 102 flat & gusseted, striker bar cutoff, variable size, pinch bottom paper bag machine. 1/4-6 lb. bags. 2.5-12” width. 5.65-13.5” tube length. 10 pitch. 3-color flexographic printer. 300 BPM. 1 ply.


Ref. # 241650 – Potdevin 103, flat & gusseted, striker bar cutoff, variable size, bag machine. 2-20 lb. bags. 2.5-15” width. 8.25-18” length. 10 pitch. 3-color flexo printer. 300 BPM. 1 ply.


Ref. # 240700 – 24” W&H QMS 992, 2-color flexographic inline printer. 9”-31” repeat range. 600 FPM. 10 pitch gearing. Change gear system. Harris & Bruno enclosed doctor blade assemblies.  Ink pumps.  Approx. (50) print cylinders.


Ref. # 236500 – 42” W&H 8130, Alina 800 single color inline flexographic printer. 1 color. Model 8130. Age 1970. 1200 FPM. Has second color station which is 80 percent complete. Change gear. 10 pitch. 30-90cm (11.8-35.4”) repeat. Heavy-duty, high speed.


Ref. # 238080 – 50.5” Robinette 2-color, register print, flexographic inline printer. Age 2003. Printing speeds up to 1500 FPM. 19-51” repeat range. Model 101 tail printer. Stack printer with split frame. Water-based inks. 1+1 printing. Constant rotating ink. Ceramic anilox rolls. Tension unit, dancer helps control speed. Drive & motor, 10 HP. 1/4 pitch gearing. Printer could be put inline with paper bag machines, flexo printing presses, coaters, laminators, slitter rewinders & sheeters. High-speed printer.


Ref. # 231690 – 40” Weber Model W201-2, 2-color, stack flexographic printing press. 10-36” repeat. 10 pitch. Lay shaft drive. Tailend top feed arrangement. Age 1988. Model 201-2 features a pivot-type color deck arrangement, quick repeat change as well as quick return to impression. Speeds up to 1000 FPM.


Ref. # 240340 – 54” Retroflex K Series HD 2-color stack flexographic printer. New 2011. Designed to put inline. 500 FPM. 27”-43” repeat. 1/4 pitch. Water-based flexo ink. Servo drive & motors. Dancer assembly. Ceramic anilox roll. Pneumatic throw off of print cylinder & impression. Constant rotating ink. Excellent condition.


Ref. # 239480 – 51” Holweg D.O., 4-color flexographic printer. Inline. 10 pitch. Change gear system. 47” print. 11.75-39.5” repeat range. 650 FPM. Constant rotation of print stations. Automatic pickup of print cylinders.


Ref. #’s 238130, 238140 & 238150 – (3) automatic bag bundling presses manufactured by Northwest Florida Machine Shop. (3) bundlers were manufactured for Smurfit Stone. Age 2003 / 2004. (3) identical bag bundlers. 6-12” wide bags. 4-25” bundle length. 24” maximum press opening. 24” wide wrapper. By changing parts, can do 3-12” wide bags. Designed for use at bag machine. Machine designed to handle full range of notion bags & SOS bags up to 12” wide & 24” length. All bundles are discharged to rear of press.


Ref. # 238160 – Davis 31B semi-automatic bag baler, bundler, press. Simple, economic means to band bags in paper. Unwind roll of paper, cut paper, compress bags & operator makes band seal with tape. 26” maximum paper width. 12” maximum plate width. 26” maximum opening.


Ref. 238190 – Tooling Ventures (copy of Davis 31C) semi-automatic bag baler, bundler, press. Simple, economical means to band bags in paper. Unwind roll of paper, cut paper, compress bags & operator makes band seal with tape, bale is ejected from press. 20” maximum paper width. 12” maximum plate width. 28” maximum opening. Need to change platens for different size bags. Machine was built in approx. 2000.


Ref. # 240330 – Strong Robinette 2000 automatic feeder. Age 2006. Recently inline w/pinch bottomer. Double deck feeder. Dual level design for fast feeding w/positive control. High-speed capability. 100-150 BPM. Excellent condition.


Ref. # 239700 – Mid America pinch bottomer. Hot-melt glue w/applicators on both ends of tube. Can make bottoms without fold & single fold. Mid America AF500-025 feeder. Model CS-200 counter stacker. Nordson hot-melt system.


Ref. # 237870 – 8” Geometric Machine Design lab coater / laminator. Hot-melt coatings applied through Cloeren die. Model 56TCTR/LAM. Serial # 98-917. Age 1998. Can use as coater or as laminator. Manufacturer of die, Cloeren Master Coat II J.U. 4937-98. 8” maximum web width. 12” maximum dia. rolls on unwind & rewind. 50 FPM. ITW Dynatek adhesive application system. Sterlco.


Ref. # 234860 – 16” Kroenert Model Labco lab coater. Serial # 120-33020. Age 1991. Originally designed for lab coating EB coatings, waterbased; EB system was removed. Roll-to-roll coater for lab applications. Speeds up to 30 meters per minute. Coating head has 3-motor drive. Individual roller settings. 2-roll coater w/gravure application. Pickup roll that sits in pan; pan-fed coatings, waterbased.


Ref. # 184370 – 17” Bolton Emerson / Park hot-melt coater / laminator. Slot die. 2 ply. 250 FPM. Pressure-sensitive laminations, tapes. Paper, film, foil, fabrics. Moisture vapor barrier.


Ref. # 237670 – 30” Park hot-melt coater / laminator. 36” dia. roll on primary unwind. 42” dia. roll. Single position center rewinder. 34” dia. rewind. Model GR-43-1 Meltex system. Melting tank manufactured by Meltex. Unloader is Uniflow Fiber Drum Model 2 unloader. Most recently making pressure-sensitive lamination. Design speed 500 FPM. Viscosity range, 500-300,000 CPS. Can be used as a coater or as a laminator. Can be used for self-wound tape without release sheets, masking tape, strapping tape, surgical tape, P/S label stock or barrier wrappers.


Ref. # 229610 - 60" Waldron / Ross Air Systems reverse roll coating station. Age 1995. 3-roll system. Reverse roll coaters meter an accurate thickness of coating between two precision chilled iron rolls & apply the pre-metered coating to the web. The amount of coating applied is controlled by the opening between the metering & applicator rolls & by the speed of the applicator roll which rotates reverse to the web. Water-based coating. (2) chilled iron rolls, (1) rubber-covered backing roll. Wedges for precision micrometer adjustment between metering rolls & backing roll. Reverse roll coating stations apply a wide range of coatings in viscosities of 50 to 200,000 CPS, from 100% to less than 10% solids. Servo driven motorized wedge block gap adjustment between applicator roll & metering roll. Applicator roll can be controlled automatically through gauging system. Automatic running adjustment of coat weight applied. Applicator roll is fixed. Metering roll is air-loaded against the applicator roll. Backing roll is air-loaded against the applicator roll.


Ref. #’s 235220 & 235230 – 62” I.D.C. meyer rod cartridge coating stations w/air knife. Age 1998. Manufactured by Integrated Design Corporation. (2) 62” wide I.D.C. meyer rod coating stations. Set up for coating on front & backside of the web. These are separate coating stations. 1500 FPM operating speed. 37-62” web width. Substrates to be coated originally, 53#/3000 ft.ē paper. Coat weights 15-80#/3000 ft.ē wet. Solids content, 10-48.8%. Water-based solvent. 15 HP DC drive motor.


Ref. # 235240 – 64” Inta-Roto 3-roll cartridge Rotocoater coating station. Capable of being run as direct gravure, differential direct gravure, reverse gravure, offset gravure, differential and/or reverse offset. Age 2001. Serial # N-8804. 3 motor drive. Baldor motors, DC, 15 HP. No controllers. Set up on 240 voltage. Enclosed Rotocoater doctor blade assembly. Can apply water-based or solvent-based coatings. Has stainless steel drip pan. Gravure roll, transfer roll & impression roll; all have (3) 15 HP motors. Included with gravure station is IDC meyer rod coating air-knife stand; designed for 1500 FPM.


Ref. # 224810 – 66” Worldwide 2-roll gravure coating station. Age 1987. Enclosed doctor blade. Inline coating on masking tape paper & also film products at 1000 FPM.


Ref. # 226030 – 72” Inta-Roto 4-roll coating head. Age 1974. Horizontal design. Double reverse roll coater. Was coating solvent solutions of phenolic & water emulsions in viscosities from 1 cp to 150 cp. Coating weight, 15-18 lbs. per ream of 3,000 ft. Wet coating from .001” to .004” thick per side. Coating method doctor roll metered squeeze roll. Has all pans & covers. Designed for water-based coatings. 2-motor drive. 500 FPM. Was coating liner board. This coating station allows coating on one side of web or both sides of web at same time.


Ref. # 219230 – 108” Dahlgren LAS 3-roll moisturizer dampener or coater station. 1000 FPM. Paper, board.


Ref. # 173130 – 96” Magnet 2-roll horizontal reversible gravure coating station. Model 674-F-1. Water-based coatings. 1000 FPM. 2 motor drive. Film.


Ref. # 239900 – 50” McGuckin & Pyle center rewinder or driven unwind. New 2009. 30-50” wide rolls. Shaftless. Can use as unwind driven or as rewind. Dancer tension control w/counter balance. 6-12” Tidland Raptor chucks. 60” dia. rolls for paper. 24” dia. rolls for film. Was rewinding 10 to 24 pt. paper. Was rewinding 80 – 2.0 mil film. Max. roll weight, 4,000 lbs. Maximum rewind diameter, 80” for lighter weight materials, nonwovens, tissue, etc. Design line speed 600 FPM.


Ref. #’s 224780, 224790, 224800 – 63” Worldwide unwinds & rewinds. (2) turret unwinds. (1) turret rewind.  Age 1987. Was unwinding masking tape based paper & OPP film. Line speed 1000 FPM. Unwind tension 10-100 lbs. total. Process tension 0-40 lbs total. 60” max. dia. rolls. Unwind, 6” cores. (2) identical unwinds. Each unwind has (2) 30 HP DC drive motors. Bump & cut transfers. Automatic transfer. Non-stop operation. (1) rewinder, type two spindle, turret, single direction, bump & cut transfers. Automatic transfer. Non-stop operation. Winder tension 20-120 lbs. total. 6” cores. Center rewinder. 60” OD rewind. (2) 30 HP DC drive motors on rewinder. Originally had taper tension control on rewinder. Dancers inline. Each unwind/rewind has a simple hoist system to assist with loading & unloading rolls.


Ref. # 234130 – 65” Davis Standard turret unwind stand. Age 2008. Set up for drop splicing. Model BD407. Maximum dia. 50”. Montalvo System 3000 automatic tension controller w/load cells to control brakes.  Fife, pneumatic sensor, automatic edge guiding system; entire unwind side shifts +/- 3”. 1000 FPM mechanical speed.


Ref. # 240950 – 60” Strachan & Henshaw (SHM) single position unwind stand. Shaftless & floor pickup. Model SU-300. Age 1998. Has been inline w/SHM sheeter operating at approx. 1000 FPM. Minimum web width 10”. Maximum diameter of roll on unwind 60”. Double E mechanical chucks set up for 12” cores. 8” Wichita air-operated brakes. Auto edge guide.


Ref. # 193660 – 75” Black Clawson unwind & center rewinder. Was being used as a salvage machine. Black Clawson Hydra-lift shaftless floor pickup unwind, 60” dia., auto tension, auto edge guide. Unwind equipped with (2) 60 HP G.E. Electro Flyte DC motors. Next inline, 6-roll pull roll section. Next, center rewinder designed for 2 modes of operation, contact or minimum gap which determines position of rider roll. Center rewind. Max. rewind dia. 60”. 4000 FPM.


Ref. # 210510 – 94” Gloucester Battenfield Model 1000 surface rewinder.  High-speed shaft-type surface winder with automatic shaft load, cutover & unloading. New 1992. Razor slitting. 60” OD max. rewind.  Typical operating speed 150 FPM. Max. mechanical speed 500 FPM. Winders can be operated individually or back-to-back winders. Auto full roll unloading to floor position. Was inline with blown film extruder.


Ref. # 231140 – 15” Independent Machine Company duplex center rewind slitting & rewinding machine. Model 15 SR. Age 1993. Center rewinder. Cantilevered rewind & unwind shafts. Shear cut slitting with eccentric lock shears. 1" minimum slit. Male & female knives driven. Was slitting & rewinding 3.5 mil cigarette laminates. 40” dia. unwind. 25” dia. rewind when using layon rolls. 32" dia. rewind when not using layon rolls. 1.5" differential rewind shafts; have adapters for 3" cores. 1000 FPM. Differential rewinding which allows slitting & rewinding of off gauge materials, films. Each rewind position has layon roll assembly. Control of layon rolls can vary the amount of pressure of layon rolls against rewinding roll, tighter or softer rolls.


Ref. # 242020 – 30” Stanford 638 duplex, center rewind slitter rewinder. Cantilevered w/differential rewind shafts. 26” maximum dia. rewind. 32” dia. unwind. 800 lbs. 1500 FPM. Age approx. 1989. Shear cut. 1” wide slits. Air-loaded layon rolls. Differential rewinding for off-caliper rolls. 1500 FPM. 2 motor drive. Age 1997. Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, film laminates, P/S label stock, paper & other flexible materials. Automatic tension control. Automatic edge guiding. Rider rolls for roll density control.


Ref. # 235960 – 31” Stanford Model 336C duplex, cantilevered rewind, center rewind slitter rewinder. Age 1988. Unwind roll dia. 30”. Rewind roll dia. 30”. 750 FPM maximum web speed. (2) pneumatic rewind shafts to accommodate 3” & 6” cores. 3” rewind shafts. Spacerless differential. 6” rewind shafts. Locked core rewinding, air shafts. Wrap shear slitting & razor slitting in grooved roll.  Top & bottom shear knife shafts are driven. Razor slitting in grooved back-up roll; grooves 1mm. 


Ref. # 233250 – 45” Cameron Model CS600 center surface or automatic minimum gap center rewind, duplex slitter rewinder. 3” air cantilevered rewind shafts. Differential rewind, spacerless rewind shafts. Differential, torque & combination winding modes. Age 2003. Wrap shear cut. Both male & female knives. Driven. (20) sets of knives. .375” minimum slit width. Unwind set up for 24” dia. rolls. .5-1 PLI web tension. Automatic tension control. Fife electric eye. Fife auto edge guiding. Differential air shaft rewinding & locked core rewinding or combination of the two rewind modes. (2) variable speed drive motors; one motor on bottom knife shaft & draw roll; other motor drives both rewind shafts. Very short web path from unwind to rewind positions. Allen Bradley SLC500 PLC. Automatic contact pressure control. Hydraulic system for smooth minimum gap. Suitable for processing difficult to rewind such as silicone coated products, pressure-sensitive laminates & low tensile strength materials, most self-adhesive tapes, laminates, coated & thin papers, films & nonwovens. Set up for low tension.


Ref. # 240000 – 52” Shanks / Catbridge 530 duplex, center surface rewind, slitter rewinder. Heavy-duty. Air-loaded, score cut, hardened bedroll. (15) score cut knives. .5” minimum slit width. 30” dia. rewind. (2) 3” air leaf rewind shafts. (2) 1.5” dia. aluminum leaf rewind shafts. 1200 FPM.


Ref. # 239910 – 54” REM 3750.4 duplex center rewind, minimum gap & center surface rewind slitter rewinder. Recently slitting & rewinding pressure-sensitive tapes. Age 1990. 30” dia. rewind. 600 FPM. 1-5 PLI original tension range. Rewind forward & reverse. Originally slitting & rewinding adhesive 2-sided silicone coated w/paper liner & tape products. Score cut slit. Precision slitting. Can rewind center surface combination or automatic minimum gap center rewind. Locked core rewinding. Narrow slit widths. Score cut slitting section is cartridge style. Includes approx. (480) Burris air-loaded male score cut knives. (3) 64” wide carts. Set up with male score cut knife assemblies. Moveable double dovetail knife beam bar for back-to-back male knife set up. Each knife is .5” wide, which allows .25” wide slits when using both sides of the male knife dovetail bar.


Ref. # 235090 – 70” Stanford Model 338 MCS duplex center rewind slitting & rewinding machine. Age 1991. Designed for flexible packaging, paper, film & laminations. Up to 1000 FPM. Model 338 features two drive motors. (4) zones of rewind tension control Automatic web guiding. Automatic unwind tension. Density control of rewinding rolls using air-loaded layon rolls. Lift-out rewind shafts. Fife automatic edge guiding system. 36” dia. roll on unwind. Differential rewind shafts w/core adaptors for 3” & 6” cores. Air loaded differential rewinding which allows rewinding of off-caliper materials at high speed. Shear cut slitting. 3” minimum slit width. Slitting in air. Maximum roll dia. on rewind 24”.


Ref. # 238560 – 72” John Dusenbery 800 Series center surface rewind, duplex slitting & rewinding machine. Operating speed 1500 FPM. 42” dia. rewind. 50” dia. unwind. Shaftless floor pickup unwind. Kiss shear cut slitting. (9) sets male & female knives. 3.25” minimum slit width. Differential rewinding shafts. 3” cores. Approx. age 1980. Updated machine. Has been slitting & rewinding coated papers. Automatic nip pressure controls splice table. 2 motor drive.


Ref. # 235100 – 74” Dusenbery Model 260 FS duplex center surface rewind slitting & rewinding machine. Age 1980. 24” maximum rewind roll dia. 1500 FPM. 3” minimum slit width. Updated EMT. Shear cut slitting. Tangential shear. Easily razor slit in air. Detached single position shaftless unwind, 60” roll dia. 3 motor drive, DC variable speed. (2) 15 HP motors; one on each rewind position. 20 HP motor; drives pull rolls & surface bedroll.


Ref. # 239390 – 78” Cameron 26-3A duplex center / surface rewind slitter rewinder. 17.75” dia. rewind. Score cut. 400 FPM.


Ref. # 234600 – 87” Pinnacle Model CSR18-84-CR, center rewind, duplex or simplex slitter rewinder. Age 2000. Score cut slitting. Process nonwovens & woven materials. 18” maximum roll dia. when rewinding on both shafts. When rewinding on top shaft, maximum rewind dia. is 24”. 2” air rewind shafts. (1) 3” air rewind shaft. Was used as a salvage winder & as a duplex slitter rewinder or as a simplex rewinder.


Ref. # 233200 – 27” FMC/Hudson Sharp Model T-10 single fold, interfold towel folder for kraft hand towels. V-fold. Interfold. 10.25” cutoff. Mechanical folder. (2) unwinds, 60” dia. rolls. 30” steel-to-rubber embosser. Diamond pattern. Slits & delivers (3) finished lanes or remove slitters & deliver single full width sticks. Folding cylinders have mechanical tuckers & vises.  Ball bearings. Typical speed 200 FPM. Condition of folding rolls & emboss rolls is good. Machine has had belts, bearings, sheaves, gears, journals & bearing fittings replaced and grippers & tuckers reground. 3-ft. long belt delivery table.


Ref. # 241100 – 30” PCMC multifold, Z-fold, interfold hand towel folder. 30” Industrial Engraving steel-to-steel embosser. 9.25” cutoff. Ply-bonding wheels. Set up for finished folded dimension. 3.15” folded, 9.5” wide. Width is variable; change slit knives position.


Ref. #’s 239790, 239800 & 239810 – 40” PCMC single fold, V-fold, interfold facial tissue interfolder. (2) interfolders. 8.5” cutoff. 4.2” width of interfolded product. Ceco cartoner.


Ref. # 228880 – 46” PCMC multifold tissue interfolder, rotary type folder. Single unwind. 5.75" cutoff. 3 panel fold. Z fold. Interfolded product. Finished panel width is 2". Lens cleaner, tissue interfold.


Ref. # 228870 – 50” PCMC high-speed multifold, Z-fold towel, hand towel interfolder. 9.5" cutoff. Approx. 3.25" folded width. Single position unwind which is belt driven. Foxboro auto tension control system. 69.5” wide PCMC steel-to-steel matched embosser. 2-around cutoff roll. 9.5” cutoff. Former owner was running 175, 225 & 250 sheet count. Typical operating speed 300 FPM. Folder was built new in 1971. Has new style folding cylinders and folding tuckers. Folding cylinders have been rebuilt. Anti-friction bearings throughout. Semi-automatic log bander.


Ref. # 229820 – 13” cutoff Hudson Sharp / FMC Model 2A, 3-deck napkin folder / wipes folder. 3-position unwind to accept 50” dia. rolls. 15.5” steel-to-steel embosser, matched flower pattern. Mechanical folder. Single transverse fold. Typical can vary cutoff +/- .5”. The Model 2A is a dependable mechanical folding design which converts paper ranging from tissue quality to heavy, high-bulk paper & nonwoven wipes material. Production is approx. 400 napkins per deck or 1200 per minute.


Ref. # 237180 – 13” Hudson Sharp / FMC Model 2A, 3-deck napkin folder / wipes folder. 3-position unwind to accept 50” dia. rolls. 15.5” wide steel-to-paper embosser. 3-deck delivery. Mechanical folder. Single transverse fold. Has been making quarter-fold nonwoven wipes. Was making unfolded 13” cutoff, 12” wide. Production is approx. 400 napkins per deck or 1200 per minute.


Ref. # 231530 – Perini Model 130 rotary logsaw. 180 strokes/minute. 2 lane. 24” blade. BRT / HHT.


Ref. # 229180 – 67” PCMC matched steel-to-steel embossing system. Unit was inline with PCMC 200 Series rewinding line embossing household towel. Rewinding operating at approx. 1500 FPM. 11.5” dia. rolls. 1:1 ratio for embossing. Face width of rolls 68”. Good mechanical condition.


Ref. # 239500 – 82” Green Bay embossing, steel-to-steel, matched rolls embosser. Air load rolls. 15” dia. rolls. Age 1997. 2000 FPM.


Ref. # 231220 – 104” Perini double embosser. Model 1110 Tipo. Serial # 2384. Age 1984. Two steel-to-rubber embossing stations. Pattern of emboss is the same on the two steel rolls. Steel embossing rolls are 106” wide. 12.5” dia. rolls. Rubber emboss rolls are 106” wide and 13.25” dia. 3-roll glue applicating station for applying glue to one of the webs. Three rolls make up the coating station. First roll is rubber roll that is in the pan. First pickup roll is 11.125” dia. Next roll is chrome, 10.25” dia. Next roll is rubber applicator roll that applies glue to the web; roll is 9.375” dia. All rolls 106” wide. Has laminating roll, marrying roll which laminates two webs together. Glue is applied to one of the two webs. Has one bowed roll & dancer assembly. Embosser was inline with a PCMC 150 Series winder. Operating speed up to 1500 FPM. Was embossing household towel. This type of embosser is referred to as nested pillow embosser. Typically used for household towel rolls, industrial rolls & other specialty embossed products.


Ref. # 238540 – 103” Perini 1-color flexographic inline printing press. Age 1988. Was printing with water-based inks. Heavy-duty steel frame, 4.75” thick. Was inline printing on household kitchen towel, operating at 1500 FPM. High-speed printer. Can be used for printing on paper, laminations, toweling, board & non-extensible products.


Ref. # 229220 – PCMC Model ECM-14 high-speed electronic core machine. Servo driven cutoff. Includes unwind stand, adhesive application unit, core winding unit, servo driven cutoff module. Standard product range: core stock width 2.5" - 3.5"; core inside dia. 1" - 2"; core length range 60" minimum - unlimited maximum cutoff. Maximum wall thickness .17". Guarantees: speed-based using good quality lightweight core stock & heated adhesive, 350 FPM of finished core, guaranteed 400 FPM design speed or 60 cores per minute, whichever comes first. Cutoff accuracy: set length +/- .0625". Servo controlled electronic cutoff module.  Saw cutoff.  In 2014, original servo core cutter electrics & motors were replaced with a new Baldor servo motor and new Baldor (ABB) servo amplifier. The front end control & operator interface have been replaced with a new Contrex M-shuttle control. All programming information will be supplied with the machine. Unit was inline with PCMC 250 Series winder. Operating at 2,500 FPM.  High-speed servo driven core machine.


Ref. # 238290 – Perini Model 210 spiral tube winder. Age 1982. Updated drive. Set up for 1.661” dia. (2) unwind positions. 48” dia. rolls. Glue pot, cold glue. Score cutoff, 2-knife, air-loaded score knives. Has been upgraded with electric eye cutoff. To change cutoff, move electric eye. Cutoff system has been upgraded. Designed to produce quality cores of 730-2800mm length, at speeds of up to 100 meters per minute.


Ref. # 240660 – Casmatic Model CMF 300 film overwrapper. Age 2000. Was wrapping napkins. Capable of wrapping other products such as wipes. Includes change parts for beverage & luncheon napkins. Has been operating on 380 volt. Former owner was running machine at approx. 50 packs/minute. Maximum machine speed 120 cycles per minute. 120-210mm (4.7-8.3”) width. 120-210mm (4.7-8.3”) length. 30-160mm (1.2-6.3”) high. Material film used, heat. Electric cell for pre-printed film. Servo drives.


Ref. # 231510 – 30” Polar Mohr Model 76EM. 30” cutting length. 4” clamp opening. 30” usable back table. 19” infeed, table in front of cutter. 12x20” side table; side tables are air tables with own blowers. Has push-button controls with digital readout.


Ref. # 240840 – 30” Jennerjahn, single ply, surface rewind slitter rewinder. 1 ply. 1800 FPM on 1 ply. 14” maximum rewind dia. Minimum rewind core dia., .625”.


Ref. # 240830 – 52” Dusenbery Model 614 AA, 2-drum surface rewind slitter rewinder. 1500 FPM. 16” maximum rewind dia. Total of (3) Dusenbery machines being sold together as package. Need overhaul.


Ref. # 242140 – 45” Kidder Model CW center rewind slitter rewinder. 40” dia. unwind. Shear & score slitting. 40” dia. rewind. Automatic edge guiding & tension control. 2000 FPM. Paper, laminations. Non-extensibles.


Ref. # 238450 – 60” Kidder Model CW center rewind slitter rewinder. Age 1990.  Maximum speed 300 FPM. Maximum roll dia. 60” unwind / rewind. Rider roll, motorized carriage. Hydraulic roll lowering of rewound roll. Taper tension control. Tidland shear cut knives. Martin shaftless floor pickup unwind, automatic tension control, Fife automatic edge guiding. Skew roll. Mount Hope bowed roll. Motorized carriage with sensor for fixed gap rewinding which is center rewinding. Detect rewind roll build-up without rider roll contact; moves carriage back; allows pressure-sensitive products, carbonless paper, coated papers. Tidland Series II male shear cut. (9) male knives. (50) female knives. 2” minimum slit. CW was designed for center rewinding many materials. Can slit 5.5 lb. carbon tissue through 220 lb. tag stock.


Ref. # 234840 – 63” Goebel Rapid D Model RD-1600 single shaft, center rewind slitter rewinder. Age 1968. Detached unwind. EL automatic edge guiding system. Wichita Magnum air- brake; controlled with an EL DCS automatic tension control system. 2000 FPM. Tidland shear cut section. Wrap shear slitting. Tidland female knife shaft w/air system. (7) male Tidland Series II shear cut knives. 2” minimum slit width. 50” maximum unwind dia. 31.25” maximum rewind dia. Heavy-duty all-purpose machine w/center driven rewind shaft.


Ref. # 232950 – 62” Cameron surface rewind slitter rewinder. Type 600 Special single shaft simplex rewinder. 1500 FPM operating speed. Age 1977. Model SSUSM unwind. Surface driven unwind. Differential surface rewinding w/counter balance system on the rewind roll. 60” dia. unwind & rewind. Originally slitting .5 to 2 oz. nonwoven fabric. Was in operation at Kimberly Clark. Has been used for slitting & rewinding nonwovens products, nonwovens composites, film to nonwoven laminates & spun-bonded products. Shear & score slitting. Automatic weight relieving system on rewinding roll; allows rewinding roll to be rewound & consistent tension maintained from beginning to the end of rewound roll. Allen Bradley PLC. Slitting section has been updated to include Tidland Series II shear cut. Score slitting done on surface bedroll. (10) score cut knifes. (1) sets of Tidland shear cut knives. Minimum slit width approx. 2”. Rewind shafts are loaded down pneumatically against surface bedroll. Pressure can be varied to build tighter or looser rewound rolls. Maximum rewind dia. 60”.


Ref. # 238770 – 67” Jennerjahn Model JJS-67, 2-drum surface rewind slitter rewinder. Age 2000. 2000 FPM. 12” maximum rewind dia. roll. .5” minimum rewind roll core outer dia. 3” maximum rewind roll core outer dia. Allen Bradley SLC 503 controller. Tape-to-core system; automatically applies a strip of adhesive transfer tape to outside of rewind core prior to core being presented to core insertion system. Automatic core loading system. Shaftless rewinding. Modified core chuck system; allows using .5” dia. cores. Score cut slitting section. Tail tuck. Tail sealing. Automatic system to apply pressure-sensitive seal to tape to the tail of each finished roll.


Ref. # 236740 – 70” Capco 2-drum surface rewind slitting & rewinding machine. Low profile slitter rewinder. Single position unwind, 52” maximum dia. roll. Floor pickup on unwind. Shear cut slitting. Minimum slit width approx. 4”. Roll ejector to assist with pushing rewound roll out of machine. Rider roll 74” wide, air-controller, which assists with rewinding tight rolls. Can control down pressure of rider roll on rewinding roll. 52” dia. maximum rewind. 2000 FPM. Bowed roll.


Ref. # 233700 – 72” Langston Model AA 2-drum surface rewind, single shaft, slitter rewinder. PCMC belt-driven unwind, 72” dia. rolls. Auto tension control. 42” dia. rewind. Shear cut. Typical operating speed 1200-1500 FPM. Driven rider roll. Top rider roll is raised & lowered presently with air cylinder. Can be used for paper, nonwovens, board, non-extensible products, tube & core stock. Recently used as hand towel machine.


Ref. # 227600 – 85” Jagenberg Vari-Dur 43-18A 2-drum surface rewind, single shaft slitting & rewinding machine. Shaftless rewind. Shaftless unwind. 72” OD unwind. 72” OD rewind. 4000 FPM. Shear cut slitting. 4” min. slit width. Age 1969. Board, paper.


Ref. # 226750 – 83” Arrow Model 2000 center surface rewind slitter rewinder with closed loop constant surface winding system. Age 1983. Can be run as surface or center surface winder. Maximum speed 2500 FPM. 87" wide rolls. Maximum rewind dia. 50". Maximum unwind dia. 50". Single position detached unwind Model 452 shaftless floor pickup unwind stand, 50" dia. roll. Fife automatic edge guiding. Shear slitting. (28) driven female back rotary shear cut knives. (10) Tidland Class 1 male knives. 50 HP motor drives rewind shaft. 20 HP motor drives pull roll & slitting section. 20 HP motor drives surface winding roll. Delivers finished rewound rolls onto roll cart. Constant center surface winding mode. Driven rubber-covered winding drum has 20 HP motor to drive the roll winding drum is mounted on pivots & pneumatically loaded against the rewind mandrel. As the rewinding roll diameter increases, the winding drum pivots against its air cylinders. Maintenance of a present constant surface pressure regardless of the roll weight of the diameter of the rewinding roll. High-speed slitting & rewinding up to 2500 FPM. Precision tension control as low as .1 PLI. Machine was built & designed for converting papers, boards, nonwovens, fiberglass, laminates, coated papers, nonwovens. Most recently used to slit & rewind fax / thermal paper, carbon paper, dielectric kraft 3.5 mills thick opaque & translucent. 8.5" wide slit widths. Unique closed loop constant surface winding system allows rewinder to handle wide range of materials & a variety of roll widths & sizes with constant control of the web tension & roll density all at speeds up to 2500 FPM.


Ref. # 214930 – 90” Magnet 2-drum surface rewind, single shaft slitter rewinder. Age 1983. 2000 FPM. 60” OD rewind. Spreader bar. 60” OD rolls on unwind. Paper, board. Has pneumatic control of rider roll.


Ref. # 232970 – 100” Jagenberg Vari-Dur 2-drum surface rewind slitter rewinder. Type 43-18A. 70” dia. rewind. Shaftless or shafted rewind. Shear cut slitting. 3” minimum slit width. (5) Helios A3 male shear cut knives. Wrap shear. Roll lowering J-table & roll ejector. Operated at 3000 FPM. No unwind. Jagenberg spreader bar located before & after slitters for proper cut separation. Tension roll with transducer. Mount Hope bowed roll & spiral grooved spreader roll located before slitting section. Rider roll is driven by flat belts at both ends. Rider roll rides on the apex of the rewinding roll & its nip pressure can be relieved by air cylinders. Rider roll can be adjusted. Programmed rider roll relief.


Ref. # 232410 – 45” Beck Model H-1 single knife sheeter. Single position unwind, 50” maximum dia. roll. Fife automatic edge guiding system. Top & bottom tape. Sheet length cutoff 14” to 71”. Fine adjustments for squaring cutoff. Variable speed tape drive. PIV changes tape speed. 4-ft. long bottom tape section. 250 FPM. Jogger table.


Ref. # 239100 – 52” Hamblet / Southworth single knife sheeter. Sheet range cutoff, 17” to 50”. Pile height, including skid, 69”. Single position Hamblet shaftless detached unwind. Maximum dia. roll, 82”. Sheet lengths from 17” to 50”. 19” dia. cutoff knife. 2-roll MD decurler unit. Overlapping tape section to Hamblet piler layboy. Has been sheeting paper & board. Video shows machine sheeting.


Ref. # 240210 – 54” SHM (Strachan Henshaw Machinery) 1400 HS, high speed, rotary sheeter with 4-position unwind & hoist gantry loading system. Age 1990. 50” dia. rolls. Decurler with beater roll. Shear cut knives. Trim edges & slit once in the middle; create two piles. Overlapper. Layboy. 16-60” cutoff. 51” pile height. 200 meters per minute. 650 FPM run speed. Very good condition. Paper, lightboard.


Ref. # 212700 – 60” Moore & White R75 rotary sheeter. 18.5” OD cutoff knife cylinder. Manually adjustable decurler system. Designed for wide range of paper & paper board grades in single or multiple webs up to 500 lbs. 750 FPM. 15” – 70” cutoff. In 2003, approx. $60,000 was invested on sheeting head, installed Unicom 2 motor drive Model 2400, 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle. (2) 30 HP AC drive motors were installed. One motor drives the cutoff knife; other motor drives the pull rolls & the first tape section. Optimum cut accuracy +/- 1/64”.


Ref. # 242100 – 72” Beck HTD sheeter. (8) unwinds. 30” dia. 7.5-75” cutoff distance. Score slit inline. Tape delivery. Doffiing fingers to help deliver limp materials. Nonwovens, film & fabrics. 300 FPM.


Ref. # 228990 – 12” B.F. Perkins sheet fed laboratory calender. Age 1999. Maximum design pressure 800 PLI 5 tons 0-30 FPM. Heat system 356 degrees Fahrenheit. 180 degree centigrade. Two roll calender; each roll is heated. Heating can be varied. 13" wide rolls, 6" dia. steel rolls. Variable electric heating of each roll. Watlow heat controls. Micro stop nip gap adjustable. Bottom steel roll is hydraulically loaded up against the fixed top roll. Nip load at 13” face is PLI of zero to 995. Age 1999. Like-new condition.


Ref. 236070 – 20” Birch Brothers 2-roll calender. Was unwinding, calendering nonwovens, slitting & then rewinding rolls. Was used in lab application. Typical operating speed 100 FPM. (2) calender rolls are identical in dimensions, 24” face width, 9” dia. calender rolls. Both rolls will accept heated oil. Bottom of (2) rolls hydraulically loaded up into the top roll which is stationery. Maximum capacity 10,000 psi. 20-ton capacity.


Ref. # 241220 – 63” Memco (Modern Engraving & Machine Co.) Model M50 Master hydraulic embossing machine. 3” thick frame. Herringbone gears. Hardened steel embossing rolls. Mechanical speeds up to 1200 FPM. Hydraulic pressure. Adjustable from 2.5 to 250 tons. Embossing rolls have linen pattern. Could be used as calender, laminator or embosser.


Ref. # 173600 – 66” width B.F Perkins 2-roll calender. Age 1979. 1,000 PLI operating loading pressure. 2000 FPM max. speed. Oscillating doctor blade assembly including brackets & mounting. 60” dia. unwind. 2-motor drive. Rewinder is center rewinder set up for 50” dia. max. rewind.  66” steel chrome roll on bottom. 64” steel roll with rubber covering on top. Both rolls, 20” dia. Top rubber roll is driven by a 60 HP DC drive motor.


Ref. # 139160 – 81” Appleton embosser / calender. 2 roll. Farrell Kuster bottom roll swimming roll. Age 1970. Nip pressure 50-1,500 PLI. 2,500 FPM.


Ref. # 225790 – 60” Black Clawson 2-station steel-to-paper embosser. (2) identical embossing stations; same cloud pattern. Embossing top & bottom of web.


Ref. # 222210 – 150” shear cut section. Was inline with a Black Clawson slitter rewinder. 3” min. slit width. (25) Dienes Model DF-70 male shear cut knives & (14) Mario Cotta Model PPMS male shear cut knives. (79) Dienes female shear cut knives. Includes air system & bar which male shear cut knives attach to. (2) Applied rollers. Redi Bow Series 1000 bowed rolls. 3000 FPM. Was slitting 13 to 30 pt. board.


Ref. # 229260 – 10” Nilpeter Model FB-2500, 4-color flexographic printing press. Die cut / sheeting module. Reverse print assembly. Standard features; independent print pacing, sheeting station, slitting station, (3) score cut slitting knives, (1) waste rewinder 40" OD, programmable incremental counter, manual web guide before die cutting stations, rewind module standard features double spindle center rewinder 40" dia. Machine also includes conveyor delivery when using sheeter. 5.5-24” repeat lengths. 1/8 pitch. Former owner was typically operating machine at 500 FPM.


Ref. # 240910 – 13.25” Propheteer Model 1300 L single color flexographic printing press. 40” dia. unwind. 40” dia. rewind. 6-15” repeat range. Age 2002. Simple printer.


Ref. # 238400 – 36” Gloucester single color flexographic printer. 40” dia. roll on unwind & center rewind. 400 FPM. Film & paper.


Ref. # 227260 – Renz Model AP 360 automatic punch. (2) sets of dies. 6mm oval die QSA & 6mm oval die regular. (4) punches per inch. Age 2000. Automatic format adjustments without tools using servo motors. 230 volt, single phase, 50/60 cycle. Machine is intended for the punching of loose sheets of paper/card/films. Following assemblies: operator panel, infeed table, gripper system, cross feed, punching unit with paper stops, indexing station & outfeed. Punching thickness 3.5mm / .137", 35 sheets 70/80 g/mē, 20 lb. paper. Punching speed 40-100 strokes per minute. Format minimum 100mm x 85mm, 4"x3.375". Format maximum 360mm x 360mm, 14.15" x 14.15". Paper weight, 60 up to 400 g/mē, 16 lb. to 100 lb. Most recently in operation in a clean room.


Ref. # 227170 – 15” Rotec high-speed rotary die cutting system for manufacturing file folders. New 1986. Was making legal & standard size reinforced top & reinforced side tab. Includes top & side tab cutting dies. Can make standard letter / legal size, top & side shelf or drawer folders. Was making kardex file folders type alphascan, letterscan, digiscan & tenscan. Manufacturers' brochure indicates up to 500 FPM. 350 folders per minute. Print one color on front & back. Up to 18” repeat length.


Ref. # 226800 – 22” Black Brothers sheet feed coating station. Wax coatings.


Ref. # 234640 – 65” Webtec/Hsia Yan Industries Model HY-FQ automatic 4-shaft log cutting machine. Age 1994. Suitable for cutting OPP tape, masking tape, double-side tape, foam tape & kraft paper tape. Knife support to adopt servo motor for high speed, constant line cutting. 1600mm maximum cutting width. 4mm minimum cutting width. Set up on 3” cores. Can vary the core ID from 38mm to 77mm. Maximum log OD 7” (180mm). Speed range 3-10 seconds per cut. Designed for tape cutting.


Ref. # 240450 – Thermo Goring Kerr metal detector. Model DSP3/S-PSU. Has driven plastic conveyor. Most recently used for paper bags & multiwall sacks. Height of aperture, 4”. Width of aperture, 48”. 46” wide by 5-foot long plastic conveyor system.


Ref. # 240440 – Thermo Scientific Model Apex 500 metal detector. Age 2013. High performance metal protection for wide range of conveyor applications. 57” aperture opening. 4” high aperture. 46” wide plastic conveyor. 6-foot long conveyor system.


Ref. # 240460 – Inkjet Videojet coding machine with 60 micron nozzle. Model 1510. Inkjet printer ideal for marking on flat & curved surfaces. Continuous ink technology. Non-contact printing. Range of inks to print on any substrate. Total of (4) units being sold. Age 2010.